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Dress Western-style clothes can is to apply for a job successful?
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An academy that Beijing goes to before the person that ever had a to apply for a job applies for computer engineer position. When interview, this to apply for a job person made tie, put on business suit. Interview process is very successful, to apply for a job person excellent professional knowledge lets teacher of invite applications for a job admire unceasingly.

Deciding whether employ this to apply for a job person in the process, however a teacher raised objection: "Do you notice? This interview person wore a pair of travel shoes. On one hand, dress up so very inadvisable; On the other hand, also show this person very individualize, perhaps compare difficult managing. " but because the institute is eager to choose and employ persons at that time, everybody did not care about this detail. After a few days, this to apply for a job person went to work formally to the institute.

Next the thing lets a person feel accident, people discovery, at the outset the word one by one of that teacher comes true. After going to work, this person regardless of trival matters, dress is optional. Awfuller is, his individual character is dye-in-the-wood, very offensive the opinion that receives others. The leader looks for him to had talked a few times, but effects is very small. The time is long, he became a college famous " thorn head " .

Should be what worn when interview? Can not look down upon this problem, the person that have some of to apply for a job completes case analysis can outstandingly, be defeated however was in clad this " small " on problem hand.

Face of schoolboy of to apply for a job tries to install

Wearing business suit is most reliable with safety. The side chooses in color, applicant had better wear brunet business suit, for instance gray, sap green is mixed blue-black, they give a person with sedate, faithful, spell able feeling. The side chooses in fabrics, had better choose the Western-style clothes that natural fabric makes, because humanness builds the burnish of fabric and quality of a material to give a person a kind of cheap sense, lack hangs down feeling. The side chooses in design, the person with tight system wears the warm color such as gray of cream-colored, rat to move aptly, design is grid or business suit of person handwriting diagonal, such meetings appear relatively plump, strong. The person with fat body can wear the business suit such as deep blue, deep ash, deep coffee, paragraph can choose linear model American type, this meeting appears profile is keen and slender.

In addition, schoolboy of to apply for a job wears business suit still has 10 fear:

One avoid on the west pants is short, of the standard pants length covers for trouser on the west leather shoes;

2 avoid shirt is put in on the west outside pants;

3 avoid neckband is too big, get space of the existence between neck;

Color of 4 avoid cravat is harsh;

5 avoid cravat is too short, general cravat length should be cravat needle covers buckle;
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