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To apply for a job of undergraduate summer vacation time bewares enter by accide
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At present, be worth the fastigium that college graduate to apply for a job and student of summer vacation time work. Shandong saves industrial and commercial bureau, Shandong to save consumer society to released dimension authority caution jointly recently, remind undergraduate summer vacation time to apply for a job bewares enter by accident pass sell catch.

Since the near future, society of Shandong industrial and commercial mechanism, consumer is received ceaselessly the student is informed against and complain, mirror them to be cheated or be entered by accident when obtain employment of to apply for a job pass market a tissue.

The dimension authority caution that Shandong releases shows, pass the psychology that sells an organization to use current undergraduate to be eager to applying for a job illegally, transmission all sorts of so called " information of invite applications for a job " , the student with coax experience not dark world falls to pass sell catch, often use violent, limitation to wait for a method freely, threatening their coax relatives and friends is joined, development gets offline. In addition, a few illegal orgnaizations are bait with high pay, hitting " the mount guard after grooming first " wait for cover, diddle is counted each the specified number is larger groom cost, fleece of concoct various pretexts " bail " " cash pledge " wait for charge.

Shandong saves industrial and commercial bureau, disappear assist remind, inside the demand information that graduate should provide place school as far as possible, school or the invite applications for a job that the government sector organizes can serve as to apply for a job advocate channel, the information of invite applications for a job that gets to the other way such as the to apply for a job on the net should notice to discriminate, can serve obtain employment of orgnaization, school to coach center or industrial and commercial branch seek advice to local talent when necessary, check.

Discretion faces promise the invite applications for a job of favourable work requirement, to claiming can dredge relation arranges the job, want to give to what graduate demands money directly refuse. Raise the cost such as collection cash pledge, bail to unit of choose and employ persons, do not make money easily, prevent to be cheated.

The undergraduate answers vigilance serves as a name with introducing work, it is bait with redound of high specified number, do not have real unit however hire information; The pertinent information that checks unit of invite applications for a job should be examined seriously when choose course of study, affirm unit of invite applications for a job and the lawful sex of management activity. Other place of go canvassing of vigilant kin, classmate, friend is alleged the invitation of the name such as job of deal of high pay job, collaboration, introduction.

Vigilant make use of sells name continuously, join in through developing business, favourable client waits for what formal development gets offline to pass sell an activity, vigilant with all sorts of " the net earns " the Internet that is a name is passed annul etc. Once discovery is cheated,enter by accident pass sell an activity, want to notice to collect pertinent information and clue, get in touch with the outside as soon as possible and wangle. Below the premise that assures oneself safety, answer to be informed against in time to local public security, industrial and commercial mechanism, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of oneself.
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