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1 million undergraduate is difficult this year obtain employment
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Social enterprise develops circumstance and proposal of policy of second half of the year first half of the year

The society develops department

 One, situation of social career progress and major policy fulfil a circumstance first half of the year

Since this year, each district is carried out seriously fulfil in the center of about solving a series of major policy measure of problem of the people's livelihood, increase a society to develop working strength, accelerate construction of public service system, promoted social enterprise good rapid development.

(one) compulsory education gets consolidate and be strengtheninged further, medium profession education accelerates development, higher education develops steadily, educational reform and the major policy that stimulative education adopts fairly are accelerated fulfil

Rural obligation teachs funds to ensure mechanism reform to be advanced in the round. From December 2007 semester begins, student of phase of compulsory to the country education was carried out to be absolved entirely inside countrywide limits learn incidental expenses, offer free schoolbook, allowance to lodge for impoverished family student unripe living cost. Special fund has left central finance 12.05 billion yuan batch, reform benefit and middle and primary school of nearly 150 million country are unripe. According to calculating: Absolve only learn incidental expenses, western the area is average every pupil year decrease lose 140 yuan, junior high school is unripe year decrease lose 180 yuan; Mid pupil year decrease lose 180 yuan, junior high school gives birth to 230 yuan. After new mechanism is carried out, preliminary built rural obligation to teach safeguard system, cogent reduced a farmer to teach a responsibility, student of discontinue one's studying weighs garden of return to school after the vacation, proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade of elementary school graduate achieves the history highest.

Aid soundly learn policy system, perfect system of national fellowship, stipend. Build system of stipend of country of secondary vocational school, build in higher education phase " award, borrow, aid, fill, decrease " the student of difficulty of college family economy of organic union funds policy system. Throw with local finance second half of the year in the center of will achieve 15.4 billion yuan (among them, central finance throws 9.5 billion yuan) , college country stipend is born by the past all 1500 yuan, increase to be born all 2000 yuan; The secondary vocational school is born by the past all 1000 yuan, increase to be born all 1500 yuan. Predict to every year student of 3.4 million college and student of 16.2 million secondary vocational school are benefited, among them, of college country stipend those who aid financially a face to will hold student sum total from before 3% expand to 20% ; To 90% of the secondary vocational school, enclothe all is in the rural student of school and student of difficulty of urban family economy, effectively promoted educational fairness.
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