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The certificate of qualification of 6 big professions with the most useful nowad
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So, in a new year, what groom will become popular medium popular? Combine vocational training on one year take situation and investigation of analysis of to apply for a job, the 6 big popular professions such as sale of management of manpower resource, content shedding, property management, market, the raises of to apply for a job that is you offerred a proposal.

Manpower resource

Monthly pay of 5 years of practitioner 5200 yuan

Suspect HR the position in the enterprise without the person now. Open websites of each invite applications for a job, information of manpower resource invite applications for a job lies forever " the first group " , all trades and professions needs. Manpower resource is professional strong, the country is executed to this " obtain employment admittance " , need to obtain professional qualification letter into travel and promotion. In talent market, know policy already the talent holding card of ripe business suffers an enterprise to favor fully. According to statistic, 3 years the average monthly pay of practitioner is controlled in 3500 yuan, 5 years average monthly pay achieves practitioner 5200 yuan. The manpower resource that issues except labor department runs division / outside certificate of qualification of the profession that aid division, 2006, the examination of Cantabrigian manpower resource that the committee of Cantabrigian international exam with state-owend enterprise general foreign enterprise directs also enters Beijing, be be accepted on the world one of certificate of international profession qualification with the widest range.

Content sheds management

Do senior talented person to enjoy high pay treatment

On December 18, 2006, capital some is famous media with " 4 kinds of talents get market of 2006 invite applications for a job chase after hold in both hands " for the problem, reported because of,content banishs a talented person situation the incline to that heats up gradually goes situation. As transfer into the world period of a few industries unlock, and prepare 2008 the Olympic Games, content sheds a talent to become the flourishing of market demand to nod, still be labelled by the country 12 kinds of uncommon ability that lack a person. According to " Beijing content sheds blue book " report, beijing content sheds talent breach 200 thousand, and breach of talent of senior management layer is amounted to 60 thousand. The personage inside course of study expresses, at present ordinary other people sheds the monthly pay of personnel to be controlled in 2000 yuan, truly good thing sheds division, monthly pay reachs 10 thousand yuan 5000 yuan not to calculate much.

Property management

Consider the post of new white-collar profession that be less than

" property regulation " the 33rd regulation: Property management from personnel of course of study must certificate of qualification of hold country profession square but mount guard obtain employment. Beijing has company of many 3000 property management at present, what need technical qualified personnel to reach 350 thousand person, the personnel that can accord with property management to hold card mount guard makes an appointment with 50 thousand person only, cannot satisfy market place to need far, person with ability of government of the property that hold card is hot. Basis our country is big first half of the year in investigation of urban profession compensation, average pay amounts to the high-level government post of property company 5800 yuan / month, average pay amounts to middle-level government post 3100 yuan / month, become the burgeoning white-collar profession of most person oversight.
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