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Helpless choice works helplessly
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Present ability city has two to plant " contradictory " phenomenon, that is " unit action is less than a person, to apply for a job person cannot find the job " . It is urgent choose and employ persons cannot find a person however at the same time, it is rapid move applies for a job to cannot find the job however however at the same time additionally. This let me think of to apply for a job " main force " -- the road of difficult to apply for a job of college graduate.

This year July, it is the season that results of 5.59 million numerous students hopes. In this season, they change the cold window mug that uses their nearly 20 years the first results; In this season, they will prove their value to the world. But the to apply for a job of a few months is itinerary, however of little worn-out they look forward to to prospective happiness.

Recently five net of invite applications for a job of 100 million talents ( roll out " are you satisfactory first oneself job? " investigation, findings shows, only two adults are satisfactory first oneself job.

Only two adults are satisfactory first oneself job

In the answer " are you right is first oneself job satisfactory? " this problem when, the person selected choose of 21% is only satisfactory, duty field new personality is mostly " have gone through an innumerable trials and hardships " just find the first job, so " innumerable trials and hardships " why does the job that find have two adults satisfaction only?

The job of person head portion of 35% is helpless choice, person of above of half the number first course of study of the choose after obtain employment

College graduate, this in former days dazzling aureola, become what headache to make undergraduates however now " the Incantation of the Golden hoop " . The each pace that they grow is the pride of the parent, teacher, but when them by the coronal with " the university is graduate " after this beautiful aureola, but however subsequently and come.

In this undergraduate " flush " time, "Undergraduate " the chip that this title did not give them to increase obtain employment; Contrary, they however because leave a society too long and lacked requirement of unit of most choose and employ persons " working experience " . After leaving the school, new society can not admit them, most person can helpless choice first course of study of the choose after obtain employment. Investigation shows the person of 54% chooses first course of study of the choose after obtain employment, the job of person head portion of 35% is by force of all sorts of pressure, but choice.

The person hour of 41% seeks more good job

But the job of the choice, of course won't gratified. "Do you plan to keep first your job? " when asking about this problem, only the person of 14% states I like first my job very much, had not wanted to want to find new job; If the person selected choose of 45% encounters properer job to find new job; The person of additionally 41% is to always seek more good job. Of course, besides working asymmetry heart, signing a contract also is the main reason that most person finds new job.
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