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Half the number of female undergraduate of to apply for a job discriminates agai
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Tang Jianwu of president of medical university of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Dalian says, in recent years, problem of female undergraduate obtain employment is highlighted increasingly. 2007, we are right 745 of 13 colleges female undergraduates undertook investigating visitting. The result shows, the of 47.8% person in informant arrived in the experience in to apply for a job and obtain employment process " very serious " or " more serious " sexual discrimination. Accordingly, assure the obtain employment such as female university life, government, society, unit, school and female undergraduate must be paid hard, form the good mechanism of 5 an organic whole and atmosphere.
He suggests to perfect the policy code of stimulative woman obtain employment. Should draft the policy code that promotes equal obtain employment, limit clearly " obtain employment sexual distinction is discriminated against " responsibility of definition, limits, law and castigatory measure. Discriminate against sexual behavior and unit to obtain employment, can condemn compensation and punish fine. Still can adopt bring into sincere letter archives, announce the method such as company list, undertake tie and alert to unit of choose and employ persons. In addition, still should carry social insurance, female worker birth insurance liability assumes instead by tripartite of society, unit, individual by the unit, in order to reduce cost of unit of choose and employ persons, enhance the enthusiasm of employee of its employ female.

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