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Graduate student obtain employment regrets to read as person of undergraduate st
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Instantly, graduate be about to leave school. Up-to-date, many graduate students still did not find the job. The experience of a few students makes clear, the college can enter when the undergraduate course a few years ago graduates they, after Master graduate student graduates now take college door hard however. Of record of formal schooling rise to did not buy chip for its obtain employment.

Small happy (alias) the graduate student that is institute of some college psychology, be about to graduate. 2003, when her undergraduate course graduates, apply for Henan to make prosperous institute become a teacher. Small happy say, did not feel it is difficult to apply for a job really at that time. "On the class 56 classmates entered a college that year. "On the class 56 classmates entered a college that year..

After working two years, small on happy abdication graduate student. "Think more hopefully at that time. Because I see it is very easy that that school that I work receives a graduate student, treatment is better than the undergraduate students also many. So I want to read grind junior the college that is the same as level should be not difficult. " small happy say.

However, experience of hard this year to apply for a job lets her times feeling exhaustion. Last year in December, she entered oneself for an examination national official, took an examination of Jiangsu to visit official again subsequently, did not score interview. Will rise this year in March, she attended a lot of invite applications for a job to meet, the target already enlarged an enterprise by the college, but very long do not have a result. Actually, the college is small all the time the first selection of happy obtain employment. From the college abdication is read at that time grind, also be to a better college goes working after graduation. But the hard experience that apply for a job already let her become actualer. A few days ago, small happy find a job eventually, took a company. She says, many 30 graduate student in the department, ten people had not found the job.

Small happy the circumstance is not an exemple. Why to study unripe obtain employment is difficult? The reporter investigates discovery, a few students think a college only, when officeholder, but this kind of job is very few after all. Actually, the obtain employment state of mind of major graduate student already tended deal with concrete matters relating to work, they are worth a requirement without very high salary. A graduate student says, professional difference is quite apparent still. Faces of some professional obtain employment too narrow, demand is too little, already saturated, the work searchs very hard. Still some students admit, requirement of unit of choose and employ persons of the short of on ability also is main reason.

Nearly two years, graduate student obtain employment is difficult already highlighted. To this, somebody represents a proposal greatly, the major with obtain employment low rate can stop enrol a year. The government should get involved from fountainhead, have macroscopical adjusting control to college recruit students. General to demand, obtain employment leads low major, should decrease appropriately from recruit students gross or stop recruit students.
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