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Beijing hour is versed in minimum wage goes up to horary 9.6 yuan
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Since July 1, beijing is not full-time the minimum wage standard from hour of personnel of course of study, by 8.7 yuan / the hour raises 9.6 yuan / hour. Yesterday, bureau of Beijing labor safeguard was announced " about adjusting Beijing 2008 the announcement of minimum wage standard " .

This announcement sets, blame full-time from standard of minimum wage of hour of personnel of course of study by 8.7 yuan / the hour raises 9.6 yuan / hour; Blame full-time from personnel of course of study standard of minimum wage of legal holiday hour by 20 yuan / the hour raises 22 yuan / hour.

In addition, standard of Beijing minimum wage by horary not under 4.36 yuan, every months not under 730 yuan, rise horary not under 4.6 yuan, every months not under 800 yuan. Labor ensures a branch to emphasize at the same time, laborer individual answers the each society insurance premium of pay and housing accumulation fund; Laborer falls in middle shift, evening shift, high temperature, low temperature, well, poisonous and harmful the allowance that waits for special work environment, condition to fall; Laborer due works overtime, the component of the standard of minimum wage of nonfeasance of 3 big content such as the salary that increase a point, unit of choose and employ persons should pay separately by the regulation.

Beijing labor ensures a branch to set at the same time, execute the enterprise of piece rate form, want to negotiate reasonable and affirmatory work norm and piece rate through equality, below the premise that makes sure laborer provides normal work inside legal working hours, deserved salary not under standard of our city minimum wage.

Run the company that normal, economic benefits grows continuously to production, in principle should the salary that standard of prep above minimum wage pays laborer to provide work inside legal working hours; Because produce management difficulty to need truly,pay collectivity worker with minimum wage standard or of pay of partial post worker, ought to talk things over through salary collective affirmatory or classics workers congress (or worker congress) discuss through.

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