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To apply for a job 4 fixed position: Ability decides one suit just now is best
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We buy a shoe to have a such experience: Buy big dress is laggard, buy small dress squeezes a foot, only appropriate him shoe is wearing ability comfortable, walk along a road to be made the same score again firm. College graduate to apply for a job applies for a job why is not such.

Common saying says: "How old diamond, take how old china work " . If say a job,you are competent without ability, even if its profession roasts meat again,heat up, pay is again rich and generous, you do not want to be gone after hard. Because work,rise you will be not gratified, the leader also is met dissatisfactory, if things go on like this, you are met condition awkwardness, be without contribute, can be led to fire sooner or later. Tell conversely, if you play repeatedly,take play to finish the job easily, be without actuating pressure, so you should learn to abandon, because of if things go on like this you can become demoralized, be without fight, your lifetime also is met from now on and begin to become incompetent.

Say so, only proper job just is his best post. Already pressure has power again, have profit very much to the individual to the unit. But how can college graduate just find his appropriate post when choose course of study? Be sure to keep in mind: Want to hold 4 fixed position.

Fixed position one: Long-term hired hand of to apply for a job makes state of mind want fixed position. College graduate should have state of mind of good to apply for a job, want to know sincere letter, know content with one's lot, know cherish, ten million cannot contact an already pretty good unit, still feel next the meeting is better perhaps, cover oneself in all the day on busy move and the rope that much home signs obtain employment intent with person unit, such meetings do him very tired outly, affirming to finally is " lost watermelon, perhaps did not choose even sesame seed " , the most important is you are in in much home unit in the meantime deal with, your sincere letter had lost almost to use up in business. We should like to ask, join you to serve as invite applications for a job square, your meeting employ a capricious staff member? Actually, the truth is such simple, but the person that reachs for what is beyond his grasp to those will tell is very difficult however.

Fixed position 2: Direction of choose course of study wants fixed position. Direction is unidentified, heart needs random. University study major is the postulate of direction of affirmatory choose course of study, abandoned professional, you besides it is an undergraduate outside, how many advantage do you still have? Say accordingly, college graduate must be kind to his major when choose course of study, the unit of choose and employ persons that chooses those to accord with him major characteristic just is true truth, ten million cannot feel what post is very popular now, what profession pay sign of unit of good, what is good, go and those classmates that are this major are contended for, without professional foundation, you how can Where is get victory? The result is enthusiastic very tall, the desire is very strong, but disappointment is the biggest however, meet not only the time with very big loss, energy, material resources and financial capacity, at the same time you also can lose a lot of good obtain employment chances.
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