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Interview of to apply for a job: Clever outside answering, officer of interview
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1. introduces yourself please.

This is the question that the foreign enterprise often asks. Average person answers this question too common, say experience of full name, age, hobby, work only, these have on resume, actually, the person that the foreign enterprise hopes those who know is to apply for a job most whether competency works, include: The most active part in the intellectual domain of the the strongest technical ability, most thorough research, individual character, the most successful thing that has done, main achievement, these can have nothing to do with study, also can concern with study, but should stress active individual character and working ability, say so that foreign enterprise of fair and reasonable just can believe. The foreign enterprise takes one the individual's courtesy seriously very much, to apply for a job person want esteem to take an examination of an official, say after answering every question " thank " . The person that the foreign enterprise likes civil to apply for a job.

Is 2. in the school what is the course that you like least of all? Why?

This problem foreign enterprise does not hope to apply for a job person direct answer " maths " , " sports " the specific course of and so on, if replied to still show reason directly, the person that represent to apply for a job not only is right this course disinclination, the likelihood returns representing general to also be met do not have interest to wanting finished certain job. Invite applications for a job of this problem foreign enterprise person think most from to apply for a job person hear in the mouth: I may not be to be interested particularly to individual subject, but because such, I can spend more time to learn this course, be opposite through learning originally the course of disinclination also began to have interest, to the course that has fun at originally I learn naturally more seriously, so the achievement of each class relatively evenly. Carry such problem, the person that the foreign enterprise can find the to apply for a job that is very interested in everything.

Does 3. say your biggest actor drawback?

The probability that this problem foreign enterprise asks is very big, do not hope the defect that hears direct answer is what normally, if to apply for a job person say oneself very person of be envious of of narrow-minded, love, lazy, hot-tempered, work efficiency is low, the foreign enterprise is affirmative won't employ you. The person that the foreign enterprise likes to apply for a job speaks of from his advantage, a few little weakness are added among, turn the problem again finally return an advantage to go up, stress the part of the advantage. The person that the foreign enterprise likes clever to apply for a job.

4. do you think you belong to good student in the school?

The invite applications for a job of the foreign enterprise person very astute, it is OK to ask this question feel out a lot of problems: If to apply for a job person study result is good, can say: "Yes, my achievement is very good, all achievement are very outstanding. Of course, judging a student is good student has a lot of levels, during the school I think achievement is important, spirit of experience of morality of thought of draw together of other square biscuit, practice, group, communication ability also is very important, I also am done very well in these respects, should say I am the student of a full-scale development. " if to apply for a job person achievement is endless and ideal, can say: "I consider as the standard that is not a good student is diversity, my study result is OK still, in other side my performance is very outstanding also, for instance I go to a lot of places jackarooing, I like to work below fast rhythm and pressure very much, I had organized ×× activity in student union, exercised my group collaboration spirit and constituent capacity. " the person that have the invite applications for a job of experience listens to be able to understand, the person that the foreign enterprise likes honest to apply for a job.
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