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Does the undergraduate wear famous brand to be being installed can you add cent
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October, this year's graduates people enter new fastigium of round of to apply for a job, many classmates to reporter complaint, want to apply for a job to must invest 3000 yuan two to buy famous brand to be being installed first, cost of to apply for a job is rising, so, a few students choose to be not bought and be rental only of late installing. But as we have learned, hire charge to also be as high as 200 multivariate, "The money that hires a few times can buy on one pretty good installing. " the classmate expresses painfully, this became the issue of be in a dilemma.

Lease PK is bought

  Viewpoint 1: Rental be economical, can try different pattern

Reporter discovery, a few latterer formal attire inn begins to roll out holding rental service. The Xiaosun that ever rented the dress to formal attire inn tells a reporter, of formal attire inn fitting pattern more, all can change distinct image every time, also save at the same time issued many expenditure. Have a few fellow students at the same time also for instance to other senior fellow apprentice or classmate are used installing, if vast project is big,the student Xiaoliu of 4 states he is impoverished, rely on to look for senior fellow apprentice to borrow the garment to live completely.

   Viewpoint 2: Those who lease is not certain suit oneself

But the reporter interviewed 5 students, all express to won't lease for the most part installing. Among them in great literature courtyard is big the not regular meeting that the square classmate of 3 shows to lease accords with intention, and having to be being installed also is the necessary preparation that attends normal circumstance in the future. In greatly the Zhao Tongxue of 4 also objects leasing, those who if use a fellow student,think installing, on one hand may not of measures, design suits him, on the other hand concern gives put out of order; If go in inn the word of hire, the price of hire is not cheap also, "The price that hires a few times adds up can buy on one to be being installed. "The price that hires a few times adds up can buy on one to be being installed..

Zhao Tongxue is big 2 when because want to hold the position of the compere of the evening party, the hire in a photo studio crosses Ceng Zaizhu sea to be being installed, that one is being installed include business suit, shirt and cravat, hire 3 smallpox 200 yuan. "I rambled almost at that time Zhuhai is OK and rental the storefront that installing, the cheapest is 200 yuan, other want 339 yuan, even 559 yuan. Even 559 yuan..

   Enterprise HR: Famous brand is being installed won't add cent to interview

Undergraduates are make figure of perfect to apply for a job, spend money like water buy interview to be being installed, or a few 3 rental also use many money, whether can this gain the favour of company of invite applications for a job really? To this, rao Jun of chief inspector of resource of manpower of limited company of the commodity that bring profit expresses, "The quality that what value more when company invite applications for a job is an undergraduate whether the requirement that obtains a company and whether be particular about sincere letter, apparel the respect wants clean only, neat OK, cent is added when famous brand dress can not be interview. Cent is added when famous brand dress can not be interview..
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