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Interview is optimal and formal should follow 4 points
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The space needs reservation

There is a space forever between person and person. Everybody has his space. When interview, should try support of the people advocate the distance that tries a person to must keep certain, stay have suitable space, the distance of impropriety can make advocate try a person feel uncomfortable. If should try a person much, unit of invite applications for a job can decorate good interview room beforehand commonly, had secured the position that should try a person to sit. After you enter interview room, do not come to fixed chair move at will move goes. Some people like show close, always be a chair forth move. Little imagine, advocate trying a person is to be fed up with this kind of behavior, because they do not like others,sit too nearly. If should try a person little, advocate try a person perhaps the person lets you sit on a piece of sofa together, at this moment, you should limit a space, too close bad, too far bad also. Too close mix easily advocate contact of skin of generation trying a person, this is discourteous behavior. If a female should try person and a male advocate try a person rub when the shoulder is brushed, advocate try a person to will naturally think you are a coltish woman, unfavorable employ. Sit too far, can make advocate the feeling that generation trying a person estranges one kind, this can affect communication result.

   Sit situation beard knows oneself

Should try a person to must have good and perfect sit situation, in order to make the communication in interview and contact can go on wheels. If you sit, is chair of a piece of straight back, must not " paralysis " is on the back of the chair, ying Ting of the back of the human body is straight, do not bow arch one's back, also do not sway crus, the head should be held out, but unfavorable and exalted head, rigid neck, such meetings do him into a corpse like, feel frostily with a kind to the person. If you sit, is the sofa of a piece of soft, be about to measure the body that controls oneself not to want defect to sit down, application is vertebral touch the back of the chair. No matter be to sit,hard chair still sits soft sofa, should maintain what freely easily to sit situation, both hands had better be made the same score put on the leg, double look is flat inspect advocate try a person. When interview most abstain from sit situation come to leg cock namely. In daily life, a lot of people become warped " of " cross-legged or with ankle on knee is involuntary movement, often sat to become warped insensibly. Accordingly, oneself must remind conciously when interview, must not become warped leg, otherwise, advocate meeting trying a person thinks your this individual is above oneself, without accomplishment. Some should try a person to be when employ fail in a competitive examination, cross be caused by of " of " cross-legged or with ankle on knee because of interview Shi Qiao namely, but him after the event still does not know He Yuan all the time why reason.
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