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The quick question and answer of Microsoft interview
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★ if you need to learn a new computer language, how can be you done?

★ is in charge of designing Bill by you suppose. Build the toilet of Ci. Of course, money is unchallenged, but you can not talk with Bill. How can be you done?

★ so far, what is the problem of the most difficult answer that you encounter?

★ if Microsoft says, we are willing to invest 5 million dollar to use the plan that develops you to put forward. So what can you do? Why?

★ if you call together all computer manufacturer on the world rise, tell them to must want to do a thing, can you let them what thing do?

★ if you can get brushstroke bonus inside 5 years, is because,you think to meet what? Who can the person of the achievement that pays close attention to you be?

The grandma that how you teach ★ yourself uses system of Microsoft Excel form?

Why does ★ open hot water spigot in an any guesthouse when us when, can hot water flow immediately?

Why do you think ★ to work in Microsoft?

★ assumes you return the home, enter oneself room, open electric lamp switch, but reacted,do not have -- the lamp did not shine. At this moment, you go out in judgement problem when where, can ordinal what kind of way to take?

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