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Arms of duty field place: Break puzzle, the very challenge in interview!
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In my impression, interview is not had outside ask full name, age, job experience namely, why to want to apply for, why leave original company and so on, so this day goes before interview, the result that these a few issues concern in my brain is early know sth thoroughly at the heart.

What I go is company of well known of a home, go be being divided in group of a 3 people, was taken next interview hall. There are 4 interviews to take an examination of an official in interview hall, this atmosphere lets my feeling how resembled entering " very challenge " section purpose acts broadcast the spot, is the company promoted now so choose talent?

4 took an examination of an official to make self introduction respectively, it is the leader that manpower resource and we apply for a branch. We let later 3 people introduce him with time of a minute. Later of manpower resource take an examination of an official to begin to quiz to us, everybody is ordinal reply, restricted this time without time, ask also be those a few problems that there is music in my heart, I reply very quickly, apparent, I answer so that want to arrange than additionally two competitor to sneak away, they have experience as me apparently.

I am having bit of be pleased with oneself, waiting to take an examination of an official to send a word to let us go back wait for an announcement. Do not have those who think of another manpower resource to take an examination of an official to begin again new round of query, it is that is wearing glasses this the lady of one face gravity asks us, altogether has 10 problems, can grab answer. When the first problem comes out, I cheated: How many basketball can Tiananmen Square put excuse me?

I am considering cover a number, my left competitor Miss A had spoken the answer however, calculate the area of Tiananmen Square, calculate again of every basketball cover an area of an area, two-phase is divided, OK numerate. Hey, why is a brains take a sudden turn ah! Those 9 problems later, also be brains as expected the title of take a sudden turn, fortunately the daughter does not have a thing to play this game with me completely everyday, be used this time to edge unexpectedly, I grab very quickly answered 3 problems: The book that the bookshop cannot buy is a secretary; The product that production date and date of expiration are same day is newspaper; Have two people, south a look out, of north of a look out standing, forbid to turn round, forbid to ambulate, forbid to look in the mirror, ask them whether the face that sees the other side? Can see, they are standing face-to-face. Those two competitor look also is well-prepared, grab answer very quickly also, when be being inscribed to last, we 3 people are inscribed 3 times each unexpectedly, hit a deuce. Take an examination of an official last title is: Who is the mom of rice? Ha! Asked about a dot to go up again, I did not hit stutter ground to reply: The mom of rice is a flower, because of pignut; The father of rice is butterfly, because butterfly love a flower; The grandmother of rice, the mom that spends namely is clever pen, because clever pen gives birth to a flower; The grandfather of rice is popcorn, because he has held rice in the arms already,had held a flower in the arms again.
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