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Overcome the unique skill of interview insecurity
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1. should treat interview correctly with a common heart, should have done bear the psychological preparation of bilk bilk. Although interview suffers a defeat temporarily, also do not talk a hero with failing.

2. To invite applications for a job unit and oneself should have a true opinion, believe oneself can be competent completely this job. "Confidence does not win certainly, do not have confidence to be defeated certainly. Do not have confidence to be defeated certainly..

3. Increase dress class appropriately, wear trimly easy, in order to change oneself image, enhance self-confident heart.

4. Deep breathing is done a few times before interview, the mood can calm more for certain, courage also is met times add.

5. When meeting with official of be in charge of an examination, should undertake actively with the other side kind the look communication that has a mind, eliminate intense sentiment. Build as far as possible in the heart with invite applications for a job person equal concern. If fear in the heart, have when be being felt crushingly by the imposing manner of the other side, hearten have look communication with the other side, after waiting for intense sentiment to eliminate, state position of oneself to apply for a job again.

6. When the situation of occurrence insecurity, might as well from ridicule, say those who give oneself to experience, can make oneself become some more relaxed.

7. When feeling pressure is great, might as well the defect of respect of the such as dress of the person that clearance of have the aid of goes discovering invite applications for a job, verbal, posture, so as to improves his psychological dominant position, can promote self-confidence between consciousness so, when answering a question, also freely much.

8. Should appear with the talk of the other side when interval, do not want to cannot be able to bear or endure urgently, leave reflection space to oneself instead so, clutch manage clear main threads of an affair, letting the other side feel you is an ad cool-headed and sober person.

9. When answering a question once nervous, conversation is likely tongue-tied or say faster more, insecurity also is met aggravate, right now, the talking speed that best method is intended him rein in, make a word many a spit clearly from the mouth come, speed rein in, the mood is not nervous also. Also can accentuate language end pronunciation, say adagio resonant, in order to alleviates nervous.

10. Enter examination room, when seeing official of be in charge of an examination, might as well if intended aloud say a few words is polite, accomplish forestall one's opponent by a show of strength, nervous mood can disappear naturally.

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