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Interview lay, consequence is very serious
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Before New Year, bead bead a telephone call that ever received girl small beauty to be hit, small beauty says she already had half an year to did not work, the reason was to become an otology operation. These days, she is attending an interview, but she takes errant definite view: Because fall ill,should rest oneself in the home the circumstance of half an year tells choose and employ persons the unit according to the facts. The meeting after because she worries about unit of choose and employ persons,knowing truth not employ she.
Bead bead before the question that answering small beauty, want to say one happens in elegant benefit to bring the interview story of the company first. Regard the United States as the Chinese agency of company of round-the-world advertisement representative, because business needs to preparing to be in China,elegant benefit brings a company invite applications for a job 4 senior staff members. Competition is intense, with good qualifications and record of service and outstanding exam achievement, one of person that ground of Mr X honor becomes 10 second-round exams. Final interview is chaired by Mr Beck. Mr Beck is the old entrepreneur with famed whole world, grow from a newsboy it is president of the United States' biggest advertisement representative company, general manager, his experience was full of legend colour. Mr X in succession a few days, reach from business of spoken English, ad apparel the respect made elaborate preparation, so that Mr Xiang Beike is successful " promote oneself " .

The second-round exam is sole interview. Mr X walks into small conference sitting room, sit in in the middle of a foreigner on sofa stands up, be Mr Beck. Dramatic one act happened: "Be you? You are X. " Mr Beck called X with fluent Chinese, and half step walks up come round. "It is good that I looked for you long. " what Bei Kexian gives birth to one face is amazed, shout excitedly to additionally a few foreigners that be present: "Gentlemen, introduce to you, this saves that youth of my daughter namely. This saves that youth of my daughter namely..

Those who astonish, the heart of Mr X begins to jump madly, in operation of brain high speed. Mr Beck continues ebullient: "Be very sorry, my patronage was worn that day daughter, do not have there's still time to thank to you. Do not have there's still time to thank to you..

Mr X had answered a god to come, restraining the heart that jumps madly, say: "Be very sorry, shellfish overcomes a gentleman, I think you are acknowledge a mistake person, I had not helped your daughter. I had not helped your daughter..

Mr Beck continues to say: "It is you for certain, I am written down so that there is a mole on your face, youth, you cannot cheat me. You cannot cheat me..

"Shellfish overcomes a gentleman, I think affirmation is you made a mistake. I had not helped your daughter. " X stands up, affirmative ground says.
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