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4 preparation build graduate successful interview good the first impression
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Make the preparation of good news and materially

Understand the situation of unit of choose and employ persons more as far as possible. The general situation of the industry that needs to understand you to want to be engaged in and position. In interview when, if you are studying the general situation that the enterprise speaks easily before the official, give out very reasonable evaluation, give out to suggest very well, can this attract unit of choose and employ persons?

   Build good the first impression

The time of interview is very finite, it is time of a few minutes merely probably. In so short time, can let take an examination of an official to approbate you, the key is to should leave him good the first impression.

1. Dress good body. Wearing a respect, must the culture with the enterprise is close together and relevant. Not be to say, wearing a standard to install ability only is best. Total style or guileless, grave had better.
2. Be sure to want punctual. In interview this phase, no matter any circumstances, do not be late, best can shift to an earlier date 10 minutes to reach interview place, show you are right this second applying for an activity is enough attention.
3. The movement wants nature, language good body. When taking the door say hello to actively, very relaxed naturally is entered, any slight movements, can show you self-confident, whether calm.

   Be full of self-confident heart

Appropriate him introduction. Very objective language must be used when introducing his, strive to be able to get the self-identity of utmost of the other side. This moment is not you exaggerate modest perhaps when, empty of any exaggerated He Qian of a bit can make his introduction changed to taste. Very where is the introduces oneself advantage of the calm, what is oneself specialty OK.

   Let the other side like you, admire you

Carry oneself show, can let the other side have strong good opinion to you. Become what your ability exceeded them greatly to anticipate especially, they also can have the feeling of a kind of as if one find out treasure.

Want to be good at listening attentively to. Anybody hopes others takes him seriously, take an examination of an official not exceptional also. If taking an examination of an official to may talk about plan and so on of future with you, inscribe, you must identify this moment to be listened attentively to really. Want to have patience above all, no matter the other side discusses what topic, oneself should be able to bear or endure the audition with serious strength. Its are less important and attentive, those who want to be able to listen to a the other side " implication " . It is absorption next again, want understands what the other side speaks meaning.

Want to learn to thank. What the undergraduate lacks most now is benedictory consciousness. Probably the speech of a benedictory because of you, unit of choose and employ persons changed his original intention, meet probably finally employ you.
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