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What kind of interview preparation can just beat rival?
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You received the announcement of interview, extremely excited, buddha of the Fang on the feeling leaves get new job some closer, after-thought applies for a job from preparation initial mood struggles, to the data of company of watch of the personal details that make, collect, effort that uses pipeline of each to apply for a job as far as possible process, because the pressure among this and hardships are still on-the-job in, the secret that all movement is working undertakes, solid inadequacy for alien also, fortunately you have tough will, because of this future for a happiness, suffering is maintained do not wish to abandon easily up to now. You are blowing whistle, by that is taken out to cover standard interview to take inside chest, be eager for doing sth, fill oneself confidence index apogee, you feel to be able to go up at any time battlefield interview.   

Fasten urgent, install a bit not impetuous! Still be unavoidable to a few plan effort before interview.

The information   of collect interview company

How much do you understand to this company? This company how long the history? Main product why? Staple market why? Main competitor why? Its product is on in the industry on, medium, downstream which link? Relevant industrial trend, industry analyses report, are you read? The financial standing of the company how? If be fair development travel, appear on the market company of the ark on / , had you read their financial forms for reporting statistics?   

These are the homeworks that you must do certainly, much to heading for the data that the company that joins interview can master to heal, you heal can at the   when interview

1. speaks with fervor and assurance, put forward straight from the shoulder, eye of your the other side is one of bright viewpoints, the division of the person that prepare insufficient to apply for a job with other that makes you very easy is separated.   

Your effort prepares 2. , show you are determined to the be recruited of this job, show your good faith, the other side can figure the operating conditions that gives you is spent accordingly more also should be such active, active, this is the working manner that all employer hope employee is had.   

3. is evaluated at yourself is being helped observe after interview. If have in your hand more than one admits an announcement, your certainly will should make a choice, you are previous at that time the data of place collect, also can let you show in the analysis besides when, enough objective data is brought think according to.

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