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Detail talking about firewood nots allow to ignore
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When talking about pay issue with unit of choose and employ persons, atmosphere may appear awkward, to apply for a job person at this time, what detail should notice after all? Let us discuss together.

First phase hopes the value can be a limits

How does compensation expectation value leave after all? If be on-the-job personage, and be not at present dear find the job, so expectation value is consulting on the foundation of market pay level, decide according to oneself circumstance; If be current,still do not have the job, be eager to finding the job, so the compensation standard that expectation value does not want to exceed target market as far as possible, the proposal fills in value of a limits. Because social experience and working experience are scant, add the market to offer up a sacrifice be more than beg, college this year's graduates is unfavorable ask in compensation respect overmuch.

All sorts of 2 welfare not allow to ignore

Undertook in both sides the abecedarian understands, and have certain intention hind, specific ground talks about pay pay on ability meeting. At this moment, to apply for a job person those who want understanding not be net lunar income, and the compensation framework that should know a company to the other side, extend policy and all sorts of welfare.

The compensation policy difference of of all kinds company is at present bigger, for instance some companies although lunar income is relatively some lower, but each welfare that offers benefit to develop at oneself for employee; Return some companies for tarry talent, income of a year cent becomes 14 months, even 15 months will send, this makes the income of every month listens go up very low, but actual year of income is not low, these circumstance to apply for a job person should consider integratedly.

3 the first time after talking about the duty before firewood should notice duty

Expert proposal, be in the first time when talking about firewood, to apply for a job person those who want special attention is, the monthly pay that unit of choose and employ persons speaks normally for it is to include 4 gold, the income before the duty that moves duty to wait. And to apply for a job person when the compensation in him refer expects to be worth, what point to normally is in one's hand income. This is both between have certain difference, income is higher, difference is bigger. So, filling in when expectation is worth, be necessary special make clear.

Additional, to apply for a job person the income after first-rate job learns how to be computation of the income before duty duty first, if do not understand, to apply for a job person the HR estimation that can ask unit of choose and employ persons, avoid to produce bigger psychological drop in the future.

4 processes talking about firewood do not want a price

In to apply for a job person in, existence talks about circumstance of a price when firewood. The expert expresses, this meeting leaves very bad influence to unit of choose and employ persons, can brush a shoulder because of this and opportunity even and pass.
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