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The preparation before interview
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The preparation before interview is interview whether a successful postulate, the preparation before interview includes what correspondence hires the understanding of the unit, individual to decorate dress up, oneself psychology adjusts, the many respects such as the tries a question preparation opposite side. Can say, sufficient not certain interview prepares to be able to succeed before interview, but the preparation before interview is inadequate, won't succeed probably. Because even if is the neglect on a few detail,often can bring the forfeiture of the opportunity to you. We will offer this order the concerned preparation work before interview and note.

One, the data before interview is collected

The ancients cloud: "The bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger " . Before interview, must gather the data of each respect and information extensively. Had sufficient data preparation, can accomplish have a definite object in view more, although " face a play " also can be quite wonderful and outstanding. Need what to data collect before interview so?

1. Collect the data of unit of invite applications for a job and target post

Although everybody knows the professional quality of the function of national office and officeholder, but the officeholder of different office, different post is working environment or working job no matter can have very big difference. The circumstance such as foreground of structure of the setting that understands unit of clear invite applications for a job so, property, dimensions, characteristic, organization, development. Accurate hold its are main function is very main still. What do should knowing the position that you apply for at the same time do? What is main responsibility? This position needs the staff of what type, what kind of demand to have to personnel quality? What are the professional knowledge that this position basically uses and professional skill? If be opposite beforehand these circumstance utterly ignorant or those who know is very little, be in passive condition easily when interview, make unit of choose and employ persons is formed easily also " you do not care this unit " impression, affect interview result thereby. If again a few more thorough if considering, you still need to contrast the requirement of position, seek oneself advantage and the place that need to rise further. This shows, the collection of these data not only respondent to your interview meeting is helpful, and the circumstance that is helpful for making you review yourself ahead of schedule, make the preparation of good mentally to get used to the job better in the future.

So are afore-mentioned material information obtained from where? You can ask to parents, friend, classmate or kin, also can seek advice to the acquaintance that works in unit of this choose and employ persons, still can pass directory of phone, network, press, advertisement, magazine, enterprise and other book to seek these information.
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