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The decathlon before doing good interview intends the work
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(One) the data that endeavors to try to seek industry of place desire seek, understand what you want interview unit to develop a case roughly, so that be achieved first,know the extent of foregone those. For this, you can list personnel downward or the branch seeks advice:

1, the school coachs personnel. The concern professional teacher that the schoolteacher that you know and teacher recommend for you.

2, parents, friend and kin. The social experience of relatives and friends may be richer than you, news source is may more, wider. Seek advice to them, sure meeting gets enthusiastic is helped.

3, place desire seek works from personnel of course of study. He (she) people likely to course of study of one's own profession, one's job course of study already do a familiar work with ease, it is best advisory object.

4, the data of all trades and professions. This can move the branch such as human affairs, mechanism to obtain from big library, employment agency, fatigue. Generally speaking, they stock the archives data with this detailed respect, certain professional is in charge of.

(2) whether does him examination have essential requirement. Some of industry, profession waits for each to have certain restriction in record of formal schooling, ability, age, sexual distinction. Whether is the qualification that checks oneself beforehand accorded with, existing the thought of try one's luck, this is the pair of oneself, manner that is in charge of seriously to the person, at oneself at the person advantageous.

(3) you win in case the announcement of interview, and the job of your place seek needs some kind of special knowledge or skill, when your interview, you may be asked about extremely the problem of some respect, or want you to make test on the spot, in order to measure your knowledge or ability, be like typed speed, operate the ability of the machine, wait with abacus calculative accuracy and speed. Encounter this kind of situation, you had better review beforehand this knowledge on the west, practice concerned technical ability.

(4) the place that wants interview to you and time must be clear at the bosom, be in conventional time 5 before coming ten minutes, arrive, must not be late.

(5) dress wants neat and decent, avoid to wear too bright or the dress of design and color, tights or bull-puncher are installed; Woman dress wants particularly decent, make up should not be big thick, and the bearing with avoid flirtatious dew.

(6) advertent a fingernail clip is orderly, clean, hair wash and dress is clean and orderly. Shoe is polished, do not touch silt. But should avoid to wear too modern shoe.

(7) if possible sentence, clear advocate the person that try or the full name of the person that talk about, and want can correct the surname that he speaks them. The foreigner's name sometimes very send not easily well and truly, appropriate beforehand the enunciation with proper fish, lest be in advocate a joke is made before the person that try.
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