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The preparation before interview works
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One, know the other side adequately.

This job is very main! Before interview, you should collect all data that concern this company extensively. To interview official, the applicant at least that understands our company showed his intention, is not the sort of general to apply for a job, without the person of the key. The sense that latter often gives a person is quite bad.

2, the data related preparation

Include individual personal details, invite the letter of your interview, the data of the company (you collect or the company gives you before) , all sorts of certificate, the address of the company, telephone number, and wait about the contact of interview. Take a handbag or attache case only, had received cosmetic, pen, fragmentary dot orderlily as far as possible. Carry again in the hand take again, give a person easily messy and impatient sense.

3, give the preparation of travel

No matter be to take a bus, take a taxi or by train, want to ensure you have sufficient time surplus. If be a phone,inform you of interview, it is clear to must ask how to arrive convenient, ask how to interview place is found after understanding a company especially. A lot of people receive interview telephone call, can say only " good, good " , return so that oneself think how method goes next, often get half the result with twice the effort, delayed interview even. It is clear to ask beforehand, get twice the result with half the effort, explain you are considerate again at the same time.

4, move outfit

The suit that clipping experts eligibly, simply, tie-inner than the private parts on two type dress can establish authority more feeling and professional. And lady private parts should be given priority to with skirt outfit, if wear pants, should choose the business suit pants with material softness, convenient clipping. Color of suit, business suit is given priority to with neuter, avoid the color of hyperbole, dazzling. With oneself " attribute of color of skin " for premise (wear the colour) that suits your skin color to move namely, can let a person see you are energetic, radiant. Simple and decorous deserve to act the role of, do not adorn dingdong of too exaggerative, meeting makes modelling be acted the role of noisily article. The colour of conservative quietly elegant makeup, do not wear heavy make-up. Include the detail such as hair, fingernail, fittings to answer clean relaxed, give a person good impression. The lady had better not besmear fingernail is oily, wear business suit to want to match brunet sock.

5, the issue that considers a possibility and respondent

The principle is: The impression that wants a person is responsible feeling, honest, faithful, assiduous, wait seriously.

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