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Before interview all-around preparation
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One, interview from receive an announcement to begin

Interview is to apply for a job person the crucial link of course of study of choose of to apply for a job, like doing everything, failure comes simply than succeeding forever, easy. Hope the height of the person that can cause to apply for a job takes seriously, lest because of inadvertent and make choose course of study fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort. Saying path: Do not hit battle off hand, interview of 30 minutes, should do 30 hours of preparation that arrive 300 hours to had been not been.

More and more enterprises make an on-the-spot investigation in what pair of its bearing take seriously when employ employee now. Because this is when interview, take an examination of the bearing of words and deeds of the person that officials can notice to apply for a job at any time. Those behavior are decent person often can gain the favour that takes an examination of an official. Actually, from informing you of interview, you pick up the telephone even if began to take an exam.

Once give out resume,become you, what what you expect is to receive a telephone call, inform you go interview. Should do good the other side to call at any time so the preparation that come, the resume with should prepare an a few paper, jotter, pen and platoon number good is put by the phone together.

Receive a phone to ask above all: "Hello! " when the other side informs you of interview, not overexcited bring about shout, should gentle the ground says: "Thank! " the time that hears the other side to say interview seriously again, place, means, reach a requirement, the edge listens to write down by the side of. Put forward oneself to consider the relevant issue of understanding next, accurate the name that remembers next people that call to you, telephone number and address. Thanks again, hang should say before machine " adieu! Hang should say before machine " adieu!!

2, the preparation of goods and materials before interview

People saying: Do not hit battle off hand. Everything stands beforehand, do not abandon beforehand, have sufficient preparation, square can invincible, all-conquering! Because this goes in you before interview, preparative work does not get cursorily:

Sending while to apply for a job is believed, should come down the record of editing and rearrangement of the advertisement that seek gift of every enterprise, so that undertake consulting when the interview that gets a business informs, avoid confuse one thing with another.

After receiving interview to inform, should make clear Hunan is in where after all fluctuation car, changeover car. Want put apart to abundant time goes taking or change car, include a few accident circumstances to should consider inside, lest interview is late.

Before interview, answer to prepare oneself to take the file bag that attends interview to be arranged one time, take necessary articles for use. This is interview formal in the careless omission that should avoid most; Minute book of to apply for a job should be taken at any time beside, so that record newest circumstance or for inquiring at any time.
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