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The psychology before interview prepares
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No matter be more the new personality that graduates from the school, still await the person of seek new job, must be faced with interview of to apply for a job this closes. The person of each to apply for a job, hope to leave official of be in charge of an examination a good impression when interview, increase admitted possibility thereby. So, understand a few necessary ceremony when interview beforehand, it is very important. Can say, this is to apply for a job person the first pace that marchs toward a success.
Interview is like the battle of same field trial, the both sides of the battle is the official of be in charge of an examination of interview unit and the yourself that attend interview.
One, official of research be in charge of an examination
What say here " research " it is to want just think official of be in charge of an examination is met will make an on-the-spot investigation from those respects, the person that evaluate interview. Rise integratedly, have the following sides.
The dress that official of 1 , be in charge of an examination may evaluate an applicant first, outside, bearing and behavior behave.
2, the assessment that skill of the professional knowledge that official of be in charge of an examination meets pair of applicant, eloquence, talk makes whole.
3, the disposition that official of be in charge of an examination may understand applicant from inside interview and human relation, know mood state of applicant and the extent with mature character from inside conversational process.
4, official of be in charge of an examination can be when interview, observation applicant is mixed to enthusiastic degree of the job responsibility heart, understanding applicant is mixed to the ideal of life, aspiration the desire to do better.
2, study oneself
1 , him understanding, tendency of aim of the advantage that knows oneself, interest, life, obtain employment. A lot of universities can be to apply for a job of graduate obtain employment to open a few coach, help graduate analyses the individual's major and ambition, serve as graduate you, can make full use of this channel, for to apply for a job beforehand ready-made. Listen to family and the opinion that have the relatives and friends of social experience and proposal, those who correct a person is volunteer, also be very be necessary.
2, the relevant data of company of collect invite applications for a job, understand the situation such as the development of culture of this company's current management condition, company, future, this job can make you can hold more now besides, strengthen the confidence when interview.
3, preparation is clear that detailed personal details is expressed (resume) . Personal details is expressed (resume) should write faithfully and the impression that can leave profundity to the person.
4, the drilling of beforehand can help you discover a problem, relax nervous drive.
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