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Before interview sufficient preparation
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One, the preparation of state of mind before interview

The optimal result of interview is, knew the advantage place of examinee well and truly. This is each interview person the result that long for day and night. But in the specific scene in interview, most interview person, it is the half wakes, the half is drunk. Often be interview far did not begin, most interview person already entered this kind of depressing ego troubled waters in. The reason is many sided, because the ineffable mood such as cognitive deviation, angst, fear is caused,basically be. Before interview, well-advised examinee should try to dig his potential force, will remove the effect of negative psychology with active state of mind, exhibit oneself elegant demeanour with confidence in prospective interview.

(One) all avoid are exacting and perfect

The boss of a big company says, he rejects to consider in every respect eligible interview person, because this gentleman pays attention to detail too in appearance respect,be.

Absolutely completist means the person that forever ego denies namely, because of him forever short of the any goal that he decides for oneself; Absolutely completist also is meant do not know weight, do not divide primary and secondary, he can force himself to doing exorbitant to stay needlessly on each detail.

Before interview, the completist is willing to work most, it is to give oneself to create a psychological pressure of thousands of; In interview, the completist can be concealed as far as possible, him cover insufficient place. However, however oversight the primary purpose of interview -- the elegant demeanour that shows oneself well and truly. Psychologist considers to point out, the defect of a person is to wipe blacker more necessarily, the advantage of a person is to brush Yue Liang more.

So when interview, need not full of remorse, need not improperly belittle oneself, consider oneself advantage and advantage more, also need not fall in the look of interview official severity, be afraid of expose oneself weakness and shake confidence, became an of a kind completist.

(2) establish self-confident heart

Interview has not begun, the confidence edifice of a lot of people has broken down. They know to be in officeholder employ, interview is the most crucial one annulus, consequently chronic ground exaggerates without limit ground each element in interview, regard each element as hard the big hill of exceed. Result, they not battle and be defeated, abandon armour to surrender.

Be opposite in mentally before interview all sorts of elements exaggerate overly, can let them cannot freely the ground shows him. Once a certain hypothesis is accepted in mentally, in the trap that he steps one pace ground ego set, affect his rational eye severely thereby, and this is the crucial content in interview.

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