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Zhang Wei
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Fundamental condition
Full name: Zhang Wei sexual distinction:
Country: Chinese nation:
The Hui nationality
The birth date: In March 1985 height:
175 centimeters
72 kilograms of native place: Ningxia
Marital status:
Seat of maiden registered permanent residence: Ningxia - Yinchuan
At present seat:
Ningxia - Yinchuan

Intent of to apply for a job
Type of to apply for a job: Full-time
Apply for position: The computer / IT/ network kind market sale, extend / public relations kind market sale, extend / public relations kind
Hope position describes: Can give development platform
Hope work area: Ningxia Ningxia - Ningxia of stone mouth hill
Requirement firewood proposes a toast: 1200 yuan / month (but the face discusses) whether to ask housing:
Other requirement: Give development platform but take office date: At any time

Educational setting
Get education / groom experience: 2002 - in Ningxia politics and law dry school read three-year institution of higher learning 2007
Highest record of formal schooling: School of graduate of three-year institution of higher learning: Dry school of Ningxia politics and law
Graduation date: What learned major in July 2007: Law kind economic law general affairs
The 2nd major: Other and professional

Skill special skill and working experience
Title: Computer standard: Good
Foreign language language: English is general mandarin level: General
Level of language of another name for Guangdong Province: General and other language: Without
Working fixed number of year: 3 years of above
Working experience: In November 2006 - in Feburary 2008, in Ningxia He Lan often believes police station, when assist fuzz.
In Feburary 2007 - in Jin De tubal line of business held the post of business to hold a driver concurrently in August 2008 one duty.

Ego evaluation
Ego evaluation: Self-confidence has intense emotion, forget to seek progress from inside study, get results from inside progress, can approbate with what acquire other of 100% hard, “ of this person job tenet tries hard hard more hard, intention intention hopes to get admissive with heart ” more, thank ~~~

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