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Yang Caihong
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Fundamental condition
Full name: Yang Caihong sexual distinction:
Country: Chinese nation:
The Hui nationality
The birth date: In October 1979 height:
155 centimeters
48 kilograms of native place:
Marital status:
Seat of married registered permanent residence: Ningxia - Yinchuan
At present seat:
Ningxia - Yinchuan

Intent of to apply for a job
Type of to apply for a job: Full-time / part-time job
Apply for position: Accountant / accountant
Hope position describes:
Hope work area: Ningxia
Requirement firewood proposes a toast: 0 yuan / month (but the face discusses) whether to ask housing:
Other requirement: But take office date: At any time

Educational setting
Get education / groom experience: Those who accepted intermediate accountant groom technology of economy of     Ningxia grooms center
Of the statistical card that accepted the Bureau of Finance groom Bureau of Finance of Ningxia Yinchuan city
Accepted those who use friendly financial software to groom city of   Ningxia Yinchuan serves limited company with friend
Had accepted enterprise electron to declare, electronic attestation, computer opens bill of value added tax groom,    
Ningxia report connects a technology to groom company
Accept those who pass OA application to groom, ningxia pine computer grooms center
Accepted those who register accountant to groom school of net of accountant of     China (2 years)
Had accepted report to calculate fiscal to groom, bureau of Finance of Ningxia Yinchuan city
Highest record of formal schooling: School of undergraduate course graduate: University of central broadcasting television
Graduation date: What learned major in July 2000: Economics kind accounting
The 2nd major:

Skill special skill and working experience
Title: Intermediate computer standard: Good
Foreign language language: English is general mandarin level: General
Level of language of another name for Guangdong Province: General and other language:
Working fixed number of year: 6 years of above
Working experience: Graduation came to did typist in ad firm 2001 2000
Added up to limited company of suitable goods and materials to accomplish current financial manager from the cashier in Ningxia up to now 2001

Ego evaluation
Ego evaluation: 1. Experience of those who have 8 years is comprehensive and specific financial and real work. Fostered good and professional financial quality.
The operation that the duty Wu accountant of 2. skilled enterprise, financial management works reachs experience
3. provides what reach financial software with skilled office software to apply.
4. has get right on the job and respect the working spirit of course of study. Have the mind that learns unitive collaboration ceaselessly.

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