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New personality looks surely: Had stridden try out this cage
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Every year many people are on working station, those who receive them is duty field the first close -- probation. Face new environment, new fellow worker and new way of life, how to suit, had crossed probation successfully this doorsill?

The spirit that respect property cannot is short of

Zhang Ying reads market sale in the university, via friend introduction, go to company of estate of one civilian battalion to apply for. Company manager sees study result of Zhang Ying is outstanding, the middle-level backbone that regards a company as her of purpose will foster (of course, this intent of the manager did not tell Zhang Ying) , probation specially arranges Zhang Ying to ministry of company early days to become staff member of work done outside the office, the formalities that basically is in charge of a few early days concerning handles the work. Ordinarily, to this the job of hard-earned should be cherished doubly, dan Zhangying feels the company arranges waste one's talent on a petty job to his job however. Accordingly, she is adopting attitude of a kind of payable, be in at ordinary times the muddle through one's work in the job, handle affairs careless, forgetful. More those who make a boss malcontent is, zhang Ying goes out outside conduction business, the other side says to be no good be no good, answer company report to the superior after accomplishing a task to calculate come to an end, without a bit enthusiasm and initiative. For this, the manager of ministry of company early days ever also had talked formal or informally a few times with Zhang Ying, but did not see what effect. Also take seriously without what cause Zhang Ying thought to go up, the persist one's old ways in still working. The land contest that participates in in company eventually buys activity of invite public bidding in, because Zhang Ying is in charge of undertaking relevant formalities doing good tardy, and lost attend the qualification that bid. Will tell to the company, greater profit opportunity was lost because of this. Zhang Ying's probation was drawn ahead of schedule " full stop " , by company dismiss an employee the issue that also became follow a rational line to do some work well.

Business brace up comment on: "Try out " what meaning be? Let others see you can be used namely. If working success is not ideal, company of course also won't satisfactory, that is swept the floor to go out is very natural business. Although you think oneself by " waste one's talent on a petty job " , but is your material in which? This is the place that you need to let others know above all. And you " at ordinary times the muddle through one's work in the job, handle affairs careless, forgetful " , can this let others think you have " material " ? It is the error as a result of you more, let a company get very big loss, say you have " material " does yourself believe? Have capacity, oneself do not say, it is oneself are done hard, will evaluate by others. Accordingly you must decorous oneself working manner. Look in the enterprise, professional spirit is more than ability, do not have ability to be able to be fostered again, but professional spirit lack, namely again great ability is not developed however why to use to having again the enterprise? Jing Yezheng is a crucial content in professional spirit. If you are capable really, go facing your current job with the manner that respects property, body reveals your value, this is you strive for better job scenic efficient way. Be based on this, in the job henceforth, abandon you temporarily that beautiful to future expectation, had done the business before first, even if present job is simple. In the value that how you reflect in ordinary job? Do simple business namely already businesslike have beneficial result again, such your ability show your ability adequately to the company, also won't draw ahead of schedule of course " full stop " .
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