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7 paces take provision of to apply for a job: "Face an one foot " get calm inter
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Interview is the crucial link of course of study of choose of to apply for a job, the bank of alleged a thousand li breaks through Yu Yi acupuncture point, did in front again much again good provision, involving fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort in interview make a person clutch wrist to heave a sigh really. Need not say exaggeratively, occasionally interview of 30 minutes, beforehand does 30 hours of preparation that arrive 300 hours to had been not been.

Openly model

Work with perseverance of water constantly dripping wears holes in stone

Zoey is the student that trade of Shanghai university nation fastens, when graduating last year, the Offer of office of 4 big accountant (admit an announcement) she was taken among them 3, benefit of Bao Jie, combination Hua Heou Lai is elegant 3 management grooms unripe admit a list of names posted up she ranks on sheet among them. Have below not remarkable school background so " brilliant " military successes, the elaborate preparation before she considers as every time interview lets her go gradually from the target asymptotic.

The enterprise that Zoey applies for perhaps consults a company for 500 strong companies entirely, know this is the process of an one in hundred, made sufficient preparation beforehand: Viewed guide of interview of book of reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects of all face classics, 500 strong companies, each questions that raise possibly in the light of the enterprise made leakproof preparation. Interview office of 4 big accountants, like audit to make copartner believes a liberal art is unripe this kind of as dry as a chip job, she temporarily the English name that with England the name of some mathematician regards him as, make next a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story for the following allegation.

Comment on: The classmate that such amending stupidity by diligence does not see more in to apply for a job. Although the process of interview looks be like aeriform, the content that can prepare actually is very much very honest also, be like " a day when how you arrange you " , " a book that talks about you to like most " , " what is your professional ideal " , " what is your defect " wait a problem a moment, anyhow does good interview meticulously to prepare the cornerstone that is success of to apply for a job.

Opposite model

Do not think of enterprising not to assign weight

Peng Jia is Anhui person, but after graduation still deciding after 4 years of universities were being read in Shanghai, stay in Shanghai to work. He is not urgent instead after deciding however apply for a job, however actively attends class, diligent compose project, reason is to should give final undergraduate to delimit alive a satisfactory full stop.

He does not know to learn the crooked truth that come from where, think sturdily, cannot find the job to have nothing to do with temporarily, anyway student of source of student of Shanghai of Shanghai college blame can pass application living card to enter Shanghai. Besides is versed in feel embarrassed searchs nowadays, as patchy as its, be inferior to understanding duty field situation slowly, total meeting is found the most appropriate oneself job. Look be like open-minded utterance under cover is actually right of competition be fear of and not self-confident. Had such state of mind, be without ground of be concerned about to defeat in the process of to apply for a job of rise from all directions of smoke of gunpowder just as one would expect.
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