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That word that says after interview
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Apply for, interview, await, you are in always before finding a satisfactory job repeat these processes. After trying an official to finish all interview to work inside formulary time face to face, he always asks you can courteously to go back expect an announcement. Generally speaking, you always can say sound is thanked, next neither haughty nor humble feigned and composed ground goes away, however in fact you been beginninging to await echo anxiously on the way home. But, if you are saying voice " thank " before become on one sentence passive to be active word besides, your await at least won't boundless without period.
"Can you give me this job? "Can you give me this job??
-- allegedly, because asked this problem or the question that are such bravely,having a lot of people is, got that job finally. Perhaps be such moved bravely boss, perhaps be this the portion is clinging let a boss feel embarrassed to refuse again. Perhaps be luck at all -- but without giving thought to how, after listening to the description that interview official works to that, you are OK dehisce speaks this word, the worst answer that you will get is " be no good " or be " we need time to be opposite all interview person undertake be assessmented integratedly " .
"When can I get reply the latest? "When can I get reply the latest??
-- after interview is over, those who face you is brave, interview official perhaps can say, "We need time to consider " or be " we can phone you to restrict interview time the 2nd times " . For have the initiative, you can continue your problem, because you think,know worst outcome. Perhaps interview official can say: "Won't have what turn. " you are met probably aching meet probably be defeated and flee, but you must admit, at least this interview official is serious and honest, you are OK also reopen cooking range prepares hammer and tongs the next time interview.
"If because of a variety of reasons you did not inform me in deadline, can I contact you? Can I contact you??
-- because such problem is rusty,perhaps interview official is met, but the mood that major person can understand you, know once oneself are busy rise can consider not tooth and your agreement. If such, you contact the help that he also is the job to him actively. Of course if they are right your disinclination, they also can give out certainly suggestion: They just are perfunctory you.
"You whether introduce a few people that other possibility is interested in me? "You whether introduce a few people that other possibility is interested in me??
-- if you know you,already was rejected, might as well ask this question, can have an unexpected results probably. Want to know, major interview official good intentions and be willing to be helped each other, probable he does not need you, and a his Qiu Xianre's thirsty friend just needs you.
After the question that asks you bravely, record the agreement that exists impossibly carefully, cordial ground is you to cost time to thanks more to interview official, leave finally. After coming home, arrange feeling, job of today's to apply for a job ends -- wait a moment, still have last thing, write an acknowledgment letter to be sent, this is the last link of interview process.
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