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Kill the mood stumbling block that you are not admitted
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Tense meeting kills you to be eager to the one side of project oneself happiness, when what ceaseless compose thought speaks in the head, you cannot listen completely into every word that place of the other side says absolutely.

Had better consider place to speak, in blending in bilateral talk with natural manner.

If give a little attention to did not listen,be clear about, please again Fu relates a problem, affirm to the other side. Can let official of be in charge of an examination leave the undesirable impression of obtrusive, evasive even problem otherwise.


It is the mood element with another kind of cloggy successful interview anxiously. What indicate here is not nervous, want too dearly to win the job too however.

Unemployed person continues to do not think unemployment continues, possible meeting says: " I am willing to do anything! " however, interview person the confess that won't regard this word as possibly total heart to dedicate, can think you are instead be in absolutely seek to live on, be just the opposite to what one wished.


Silent be special awkwardness to certain person, but this kind silent not be official of be in charge of an examination absolutely intended design will make your for no reason nervous.

The job of official of be in charge of an examination is to want carefully listen respectfully what you speak, absorb all news, accordingly, official of serious be in charge of an examination can use this silent moment, after-thought if what you a moment ago told, decide next issue.

Because,do not let oneself as far as possible a few seconds silent and feel nervous, to break silent, do not burst forth via cerebrum inadvisable word, besides dash forward the float dry that shows you, return the good impression that accumulates possibly before overturn.


Below embarrassed state, how are you in oneself? To explore you face a reaction and EQ, officials of a lot of be in charge of an examination can design sharp issue painstakingly.

At the moment, the job of the weakness that can explain oneself and be recruited is not inimical, perhaps tell be in charge of an examination the official, your defect looks from different point of view, it is an advantage instead. Even if cannot in order to answer content 39 batches of hoisting jack, smile and unhurried attitude, also the EQ that enough proves you quite beautiful.

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