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After interview
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Interview ended!
The result is end in order to fail!
The feeling is very disappointed still! Because there is difference a lot of minutes between every competitor. So more feel disappointed. Nevertheless, it is very important that I know to adjust state of mind, do not treat this failure too again, because oneself have a job now. But, arrive from written examination for this him exam after all interview is very not easy, the result is failure, much rarer dot is afflictive!
Remember the " on TV transcends the race of female " and so on now, really very brutal. Competition can have failure, this society may be such.
Alleged " a loss may turn out to be a gain, yan Zhifei blessing " , perhaps did not take an examination of on have did not check the gain that go up, just had not seen now just. . . . . .
I think, next year the likelihood cannot be taken an examination of again. More or less did oneself get not small blow, I think, the likelihood also takes an exam without energy without courage again, go facing such interview!
Nevertheless, the sun tomorrow is new! The mood tomorrow is met certainly very good!
Let depressed leave me from now and go!
Still want to cheer! !

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