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Human relation is not equal to computer to operate
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Have its specialty with computer communication, after wanting to dictate to computer make known to lower levels only normally, computer is met always follow sb's advice. Was used to the person that communicates with computer, often make allowances for a person very hard, be in a kind to be not this namely in the thinking formulary of those.

It is however in social association, handle human relation to want to compare as complex as computer communication much. Although your requirement is reasonable,mix correct, not regular also meeting is understood immediately with accept.

If reach compromise or cannot get forgiving with other, cannot coordinate the work with other department effectively, so that no matter dry what thing is craven not before, lose confidence finally to oneself, time grows, will exhaustion of inner be agitated, body and mind, spirit is depressed.

Accordingly, study human and harmonious method, in introducing the standard that communicates with computer human association, also want to pay attention to ego psychology to adjust, should not give computer his life more.

When should encountering vexed, resentment, disappointed, sadness or indignant thing, should be good at ego removing mental pressure, had recuperated oneself state of mind.

Can search a society to support a system right now, for instance family member, good friend, pour out vexed, grievance, seek comfort. But do not go searching on the net comfort, can indulge otherwise, time grew, with respect to the move that be pulled by computer nose goes.

Any psychological problems have affinity with the person's disposition and the manner that serve the external world. With computer " fight a heart " should walk out of namely, go treating others with included heart, let oneself have active and hopeful social attitude.

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