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What should interview do later? Must do 6 things
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A lot of to apply for a job person when only advertent interview formal, oversight the deal with problems arising from an accident after applying for works, but in fact, interview ends and do not mean the end of process of to apply for a job, to apply for a job person not should the arrival that sleeve hand recruits an announcement with waiting for, some things you still must try to notice.

Write a letter to thanks to be opposite to deepen personnel of invite applications for a job your impression, raise the possibility with successful to apply for a job, inside 3 days two after interview, you had better make a telephone call to personnel of invite applications for a job or write a letter to thanks. Of China female net report, acknowledgment phone wants brief, had better not exceed 3 minutes; Acknowledgment letter wants concise, had better not exceed one page paper. The begin that thanks a letter should allude your full name and simple case, and the time of interview, thanks to personnel of invite applications for a job. The intermediate part that thanks a letter should reiterate you are right the interest of this company, this position, add the new content with a few pairs of successful and useful to apply for a job. The ending that thanks a letter can express your confidence to oneself, and the development that is a company expands the determination that makes contribution.

Ask not prematurely to be in as a result usually, every time after interview ends, invite applications for a job is in charge of personnel to want to undertake discuss and polling, send human affairs branch collect next, decide employ person selected finally, this phase may need the 35 time of the day. To apply for a job person must await a news patiently inside this paragraph of time, ask about interview result not prematurely.

If,clear away the mood you at the same time to to apply for a job of a few companies, after interview ends, want to notice to adjust oneself mood, preparation goes among the test that systemic heart investment deals with the 2nd interview. Because, before receiving the announcement that recruit, interview result still is an unknown, you should not forgo other opportunity.

Inquire a result generally speaking, if you are in the two week hind of interview, or when the answer that each other has not gotten when the time of promise of official of be in charge of an examination comes, should write a letter or call unit of invite applications for a job, question interview result.

Had done again the preparation of sprint is applied for in impossible each is the person that succeed, in case you failed in competition, not crestfallen also, failed this, return Youxiayici, obtain employment opportunity not merely, the key is to must sum up experience lesson, find out unsuccessful reason, prepare afresh in the light of these inadequacy, with seek " stage a comeback " .

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