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How does wanted post get after interview
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Ask: I attended interview a few times, but did not get the job, my err what?
Answer: The issue that I consider you may go here, you just pay close attention to yourself, you need a work, but the company that applies for to you did not show enough attention however. You want to understand them somewhat, what do they need after all, can you help them achieve a goal? If you do not pay close attention to them, why they should pay close attention to you? I think you had better apply for a few casual to make now in order to gain experience of work of a few short-term. The job of provisionality asks commonly too won't severe, and you can find a bit sense again (Getyourfeetwet) , after the working experience that gains a few near futures when you, apply for better, steadier work in the future, also have hope more. What need reminds is, treat these to work to also want to be in charge of seriously temporarily. It is the bridge that to you future works, want hard really so, these casual make the work that will help you find you want to do truly.

Ask: After applying for interview, I am awaiting the echo of unit of invite applications for a job anxiously, during this, what can I do?

Answer: Do not want to just await. If be inside a week, any phonic message did not get in a paragraph of when perhaps do decision-making place to need according to them reasonable time, so, write an additional letter to them (FollowUpLetter) . Apparent, you should let additional letter be in decision-making during (is not later! ) reach unit of invite applications for a job. (my hope had written acknowledgment letter to unit of invite applications for a job after your interview, and was sent that day went out. )

An additional letter should include the following: (1) you still are interested in apply for position very; (2) the challenge that you face at present to the company and good luck have certain knowledge; (3) you can make specific contribution for the development of the company; (4) the echo that you hope to be able to hear a company at an early date.

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