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Interview ends, apply for unfinished
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1. After interview one, inside two days, you must write a short message to a certain specific controller. Appreciate the energy that he spends for you and time, for all sorts of information that you provide. This letter should speak of your interest to the company briefly, the experience that you concern and you can help the problem that they solve successfully.
2. If any reply were not received in fortnight, you can give advocate try a person to make a telephone call, ask him " whether had made a decision? " the interest that this phone can express you and enthusiasm. You are OK still give you from his tone pleasant to the ear hopeful.

3. Interview looks very successful, but as a result you still lost an election. To this, you are not spoffish. When interview, most advocate the real intent that tries a person to conceal them as far as possible, won't let you see easily. In case other informs you lose an election, you also consult you should modestly what to is deficient in to other, so that will be improved henceforth. Generally speaking, it is not easy to can get such feedback.

4. If you are in,call out becomes aware when asking about a circumstance oneself is hopeful be chosen, but final decision had be notted make, then you are in one, the phone is hit to urge again after two weeks.

5. After calling every time, you still should send a letter to other, even if they had alluded you,the likelihood lost an election. The matter that such doing is: A) the advantage that you feel to be necessary to emphasize your afresh. B) you discovered a few new ground, achievement or experience again, be necessary to let them know. It is not easy to get interview chance, do not abandon hoping easily.

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