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After the interview of interview jewel
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Interview was over, ended really namely?

1. After interview, proper motion exam becomes power

Interview is the crucial link that to apply for a job recruits, in the time that awaits interview outcome, the angst in the heart is self-evident. Might as well the successful rate that will check him interview first.

Interview of proper motion exam becomes power

After interview, think back to oneself expression how, the answer is undermentioned 10 problems, can roughly interview success rate has him test how old. Method: 1 ~ is used when the answer the 10 degree that will ever was accomplished on behalf of you, every inscribe highest cent 10 minutes, gross 10 problems, always divide 100 minutes, notch taller, explain successful possibility is larger. If notch not ideal, explain need improves his interview skill ceaselessly.

1. Whether did I ever let my appearance as far as possible look comfortable?

2. My to this company understanding after interview and foregoing understanding, does the degree that accords with have how old?

3. Whether do I maintain condition to control freely easily to oneself when interview?

4. When I am answering a question, whether emphasizing 3 issues: On my ability, my apiration and my adaptability to the job?

5. Whether am I all the time absorption listen attentively to interview official conversation?

6. On the focal point that whether can I miss problem guiding to emphasize to me?

7. Is my carefully watch what sb is doing and saying done how?

8. Whether interview official arouses interest to my answer and to whether interview official arouses interest to my answer and take an active part in?

9. Whether do I try the content of the answer to amend, in order to cooperate the investigation of interview official individual?

10. Whether do I have the ability oneself and advantage accurate, and does openly ground description come out?

The factor of success or failure of to apply for a job that interview findings report displays

Major senior administrator thinks:

1. Individual character and intelligence an wisdom can make up for the experience that lacks on the job when have.

2. Show when interview active enterprising and sturdy and decisive, have profit greatly to striving for good impression.

3. By former company discharge, do not hamper you are shown take sb on the staff of company of invite applications for a job.

4. If you are exaggerated oneself ability, cannot hide the truth from interview official.

5. Would rather behave overconfident, shier than expression also recreant have the greater opportunity that be admitted.

6. When interview, to the case utterly ignorant of the company, can cause adverse effect to you.
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