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Remind: Also be crucial after interview
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Last month, live the boy next door me, often groan, say oneself come to Beijing fast already two months, still did not find the job up to now. I say, send resume. He says, sent, already sent 50 resume up to now. In doing not have look of a company unexpectedly as a result he. His experience or is interview closes nevertheless, the resume that or gives out namely is like disappear forever, do not have a bit echo at all. Beijing spending is not low also, light rents a house, two months spent him 2600 yuan. Did not find the job again, it he does not know how to run ability really is good that he does not know how to run ability really. See a pair of his woebegone look, I told Songxiaxingzhi to help the story that applies for a job in those days to him.

Below the pine of poor of one's previous experience, young when go seeking job to factory of an electric equipment, director of this plant occurrences in human life looks at the boy dress before dirty, the body thin small, feel not ideal, letter mouth says: "We do not lack a person temporarily now, look after your month again. Look after your month again..

This is originally decline, true ground came below the pine after thinking of a month, that controller pleads to say again: "Occupied, pass a few days to say again. " lay between a few days of pines to fall to come again, relapsed for many times so, the officer is forced to speak his manner directly: "You are so dirtily cannot take our plant. " go back instantly below the pine then borrowed money to buy the dress with neat all over the body to put on come again interview. Chief sees him so honest, be forced to say: "About the knowledge of electric equipment respect, you know too less, we cannot want you. We cannot want you..

Unexpectedly after two months, the pine falls to appear before human affairs director again: "I had learned the knowledge of respects of many concerned electric equipment, you see my where respect still have difference, I will make up for. " this human affairs director is staring at a manner closely half talent looked to say below cordial pine: "I do this group a few years, still encounter what apply for a job like you so for the first time. I admire your patience and tenacity really. I admire your patience and tenacity really..

Then Songxiaxingzhi aided the drive that this kind of not small talk abandons to move to be in charge of, he got this job. Become the person with electric equipment extraordinary industry gradually through ceaseless effort.

To apply for a job needs patience and tenacity very much occasionally, interview failed to be able to not go to that company again on behalf of you. In fact, interview is not exclusive key, after interview hold to spirit to be able to move more occasionally director. The to apply for a job that stays in what this friend next door me tries to learn the favour below the pine to aid enrols a law, the result does not give two rounds, he stepped into Beijing ZhongGuanCun successfully the gate of a foreign enterprise. Director of business ways of the world tells him, after interview, loser of to apply for a job often cherishs face, few somebody can try again. He can be accomplished ignore outer part, this are very commendable.
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