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The method that interview ends
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Interview of to apply for a job is just as play music to sing, need the skill that be particular about ends, although cannot make excessive demands " climax " , end of snake of Dan Hu head is possible all one's previous efforts wasted or desertion be about to in one's hand opportunity. Many to apply for a job person interview begins show not common, become even " the person oen is in love with " , but when the end " regardless of trival matters " show flaw, cause " the duck that thoroughly cook flew " . Actually, braid basket basket to be in completely binding off, play chess inadvertent, overall all is defeated, process of to apply for a job, need start well and end well likewise.

End with the ceremony --

China is formal state, telling civilization to know courtesy is a kind of good quality and style, also be to work, to apply for a job person the at least quality that should have. The newspaper carries, one grows the Master graduate student at academic short Yu Liyi to come to Shenzhen to apply for a job, the self introduction of a make a showy display of one's abilities when interview, auditor uses a facial expression for it, however, next tone are cast when the end " adieu " , also avoided even handclasp, stroke sleeve swagger off. The interview official forced smile that recieves him wears shake one's head: If say to individualize, if the ability can tolerate, so the person that does not know even basic ceremony criterion " raise do not rise " , also cannot cooperate to it. Although interview ended, but of the company make an on-the-spot investigation and did not delimit on full stop. The ceremony when interview ends is the principal weight used on a balance that the company inspects employ. Successful method depends on, do not want to show the pattern that is about to leave blundering uneasiness, urgently before interview official ends a talk above all, you should know to be in when to say good-bye, the person that some are interviewed represents the end of interview with rising, use a few more additionally " with your talk I feel very happy " or " interview comes before thanking you " such language appropriate to occasion ends a talk. Answer to this very acumen, rise at once say good-bye. Next, handclasp of the person that interview should is the same as when saying good-bye, the person that the face takes smile ground acknowledgment to interview spends time to be the same as your interview, when walking out of, if be before your interview,had received your sentence, also answer to say good-bye to their express one's thanks to along with all the others.

The inquiry is restricted regularly definitely --

When interview will be over, if the other side did not express to be contacted with you, you can ask when the other side makes final decision, good let oneself have preparation of a psychology, or ask can deny telephone inside period of time inquiry. Nevertheless, polite company, no matter you are successful, regular meeting gives you an answer. Do not want to dare not ask about the problem that works about future, but cannot be eager to asking concerned pay, off, welfare the circumstance, this kind of thing is the ability when interview discusses the 2nd normally involve. Just before parting when, say some of unforgettable word, in order to be in numerous to apply for a job person in the impression that deepens oneself to be in a company. For instance: "You gave me to leave very deep impression to the introduction of this job circumstance, thank you to be able to interview me. " with the tries an official affirmation opposite side the evaluation deepens impression. If ask: "What do I have to expand a scope on the career " should compare " the vacation that can I get how long? " want clever much. It is to be success of to apply for a job likewise, former very modest, seek guidance, latter criterion extremely anxious, angst is disturbed.
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