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Want to note the psychological crucial point that to apply for a job fails
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The talent center invite applications for a job that holds recently is met on, the reporter contacted the director of invite applications for a job of much home company, they think present college graduate is existing in to apply for a job a lot of errors, and these are the causes that cause failure of him to apply for a job directly.

To enterprise utterly ignorant

A lot of graduate apply for an enterprise very optional, can go up in invite applications for a job, the director of invite applications for a job of company of a cosmetic lets apply for an undergraduate to speak the brand name that a few this companies act as agent, the person that did not think of to apply for a job answers not to come out. Director of this invite applications for a job says: "So unfamiliar to the company, do not know this company before to apply for a job, envisage him very hard to plan somewhat to him profession career. Such carefree people, we won't be used for certain. " the reporter understands, unit of invite applications for a job of this kind of circumstance is encountered a lot of.


To a few undergraduates, be not look for less than allowing that why to work, the expectation value that because be opposite,works however is exorbitant, distain to be considered to the job of a few low class, go after blindly a few break away from oneself actual " high salary, high salary " good job. This kind " dabbler " model talent, be in what obtain employment pressure increases increasingly to want to move toward unemployment necessarily today.

Apply for too blind

Many undergraduates do not know what the duty division of labor of a certain position is, can understand only from literal. A company " business service ministry " the person of invite applications for a job of commodity layout room of subordinate, as a result a lot of undergraduates see " service " 2 words, thinking is to do servive routine nobody are applied for. And when the company " service " after two words take out, immediately a lot of people send resume. Human affairs director admonishs say, if do not understand to position,can ask unit of choose and employ persons, do not want sheet to understand one-sidedly from literal, so probable meeting misses a the main chance.

Do not wish to bear hardships to basic level

The undergraduate just steps a society, just entered a business, enter a part very hard immediately. A few companies stipulate all undergraduates that have a job newly want to take exercise one year to a gleam of, some classmates look cannot get a design immediately, do management to work, want " the pain that takes one year " , not was willing to work with respect to back out, desertioned for nothing very good job.

Independent character is defective

A lot of undergraduates know dead to gnaw book only in study, without ample social practice, apply for every time want parents to share to apply for a job, oneself lack one's own view. After returning some graduate written examination, interview to pass, when with the company the autograph is made an appointment with, parents shows up with choose and employ persons the unit gossips talk about a condition. To this kind of behavior, the human affairs director of much home company expresses to feel disgusted. "The premise that apply for a job is, you are an independent person, have oneself judgement capacity, can responsible to oneself. " a human affairs director says.
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